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24 in. Width x 14 in. Height

24" X 14" Steel Return Air Filter Grille for 1" Filter Removable Face/Door $46.95 USD Out of Stock
26"w X 10"h Aluminum Exterior Crawlspace Vent - Rain & Waterproof Air Vent With Screen Mesh $66.95 USD Out of Stock
24" X 14" ADJUSTABLE AIR SUPPLY DIFFUSER - HVAC Vent Duct Cover Sidewall or Ceiling $81.72 USD Out of Stock
24" X 14" Air Vent Return Grilles - Sidewall and Ceiling - Steel $50.88 USD Out of Stock
24" X 14" 2-Way-Horizontal Fixed Curved Blade Air Supply Diffuser $36.55 USD Out of Stock