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Over 5 million people and businesses have come to HVAC Premium for their return & supply grilles, filters, pipes & tubing and HVAC accessories. Read their reviews and see their photos to get the inside scoop on our products, and how we’ve helped them on their commercial and DIY projects.

“Absolutely Perfect”

“Absolutely perfect for my needs to cover the area in the garage where the hot water heater is and make sure sufficient ventilation getting to the hot water heater.”

Mabuhay Enterprises

“It fit, installed easily and looks good”

“I have a ceiling mount intake, it is just outside the bathroom in a dressing area. After 30 years it got rusty. The price was excellent. Another chore checked off my list.”

Life Is Good

“Perfect fit, easy install...great air flow”

“It is made of sturdy steel, not flimsy thin galvanized steel like you find in the big box stores. The hex head screws fit nicely in the countersunk holes, and are painted to match. The screws are also about 3” long, so it should fit any application.”

David B.

“Would Recommend”

“This was correct size for one I needed replaced. Liked it as it had the holes drilled closer to the corners than mine, making it fit more precise than my old one. Would recommend this as good fit, good price, and got here quickly.”

Robert R.

“Good item”

“Used for an A/C Handler access door. Installed to fix a low air flow issue going into the handler, it really helps the air in the suction point and no more air noise. Works and looks great.”

Gregory B.

“Hard to find at stores”

“My vent opening wasn't exactly the measurements of the vents you offer. I decided a vent half an inch taller would work, and it did. It came quickly, and I liked the way it was wrapped with the screws included. The white grill nicely covered up that scary duct opening!”

Poppy HG.

“Fit well”

“Good Fit. Rare Size.”

Lori A.

“Perfect fit, easy install”

“Replaced an old cover that was ugly! Did not allow for filter so this is an upgrade! Less than 5 minutes to install as the framed opening was near exact. Very pleased with purchase.”

Trish B.

“Looks nice and easy to install”

“Like it much better than the normal style we had before and seems to have better airflow.”

Hi Gravity

“Great Buy!”

“Perfect fit! Installed it in 5 minutes and looks so much better. First pic is the new one and second pic is the old one. BIG difference, so much nicer.”

Martin L.

“Quality all metal and easy to install.”

“I'm so glad that Amazon has this size return register. It's an odd size return opening that the contractor made for this return on one corner of the wall. I used this register to install a cut to size reusable filter to replace they pointlessly oversized register and also to quiet down the blower noise. Very happy with the way it looks now and sounds. I also replaced the other return with the correct size register from this company and has a replaceable filter.”

Anthony M.

“No more vibration ringing sound!!!!!”

“We live in an 80s home and upgraded our entire hvac unit. Our old metal toaster style cover began vibrating and causing a ringing sound due to the increased air being pulled. This new cover has 100% solved that issue. No more humming, ringing or any vibration whatsoever. It also looks great and was very easy to install.”


“Good product for a reasonable price.”

“Very few egg crate design return air grilles are available today. Always special order. This is a decent product for the money.”

Holland S.

“No More Vibration or Noise”

“Perfect solution. Perfect fit. Sturdy quality construction. Our prior return air grill vibrated and hummed. It was very aggravating. This new grill doesn’t make a sound. We can also tell that air flow has improved (less restricted). The air coming out of the vents throughout the house have a stronger breeze. Highly recommend.”

William B.

“Perfect Grille”

“This is a 4 row return grille. Perfect size and good finish. Screws were included as well. Great product in a hard to find size.”

Brent D.

“Five Stars”

“Great Product, Great Price, No waiting in Line, Here right on time, THANKS JJ”

Joseph P.


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