14" Inch Aluminum Hose Flexible Insulated R-8.0 Air Duct Pipe for Rigid HVAC Flex Ductwork Insulation - 25' Feet Long

  • High Quality Aluminum Housing On the Outside and on the Inside
  • Designed To Withold Bends And Sharo Turns WIthout Kinking
  • Highly Energy Efficient, Air-tight Inner Core Decreases The Pressure Loss and Provides A More Hygienic Environment With No Fiberglass Erosion Into Air Stream
  • Tough Reinforced Metallized Polyester Jacket That Is Tear and Puncture Resistant
  • Thick Blanket of Fiberglass Insulation, Which Grades As a R-Value of 8.0

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Why Buy Flexible Insulated
Aluminum Duct R 8.0?

This Aluminum Flex Duct is intended to be used in heating, cooling, ventilation and waste gases transmission lines. Suitable for medium pressure application, it has an outer surface made of high quality aluminum foil and an inner surface made of metalized PET with inside high-tensile spring steel wire. Great emphasis has been invested in the design of this product to prevent it from kinking in sharp bends & turns, and to hold steady and at full diameter in all applications. All steel wire is applied between PET surfaces to prevent corrosion (oxidization).

- High Quality: Aluminum housing on the outside and inside for the best insulation value

- Air-tight inner core decreases the pressure loss and provides a more hygienic environment.

- Thick blanket of fiberglass insulation that gives you a R-Value of 8.3.

- High energy efficient / no fiberglass erosion into air stream.

- Tough reinforced metallized polyester jacket with an air-tight inner core. Tear and puncture resistant.

- Designed To withold bends and sharp rurns without kinking.

Produced in accordance with ISO 9001 - 2008 Quality Management System. Complies with industry standards of USA: ASTM D-882. European: EN 10270-1-SM. & EN 13180 standards. By means of the smooth surface, which the interior PET provides, this flex duct decreases the pressure loss and provides more hygienic environment by preventing the formation of bacteria.

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14in. 25in. 


TypeMaterialSuitable PressureHeatingCoolingVentilationWaste
Flexible Duct
MediumYesYesYesYes30 Days
Flexible DuctAluminum
CoolingVentilationWaste GasesReturnable
Yes30 Days

How To Measure A Grille

Overall Size

Measure the size of the duct opening. Do not measure the old vent cover. If your duct opening is 14" wide by 20" tall, order a 14x20

Height vs. Width

The first number in a grille size represents the width, the second number represents the height.

Outer Dimensions

Front measurements of the vent

Inner Dimensions

Back measurements of the vent or “Nominal Dimensions”

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