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T-Bar Drop Ceiling Grille - 3 Cone Step Down Difsuer - 12" x 12" - 6" Collar

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  • Heavy-gauge all-steel construction.
  • Powder paint coating - White
  • One model suits both T-Bar and Drywall installations
  • Ideal for VAV systems.
  • Matching OBD dampers, baffles and plaster frames available.
These Supply Diffusers with integral round necks are recommended for heating, ventilating and cooling. Round-neck-to-square-face construction results in 360 degree air diffusion pattern similar to a full round diffuser.

High diffusion induction rates result in rapid temperature and velocity equalization of the mixed air mass well above the zone of occupancy. Horizontal performance assures confident use of cooling temperature differential of 30 degrees Fahrenheit and greater, at predicted low air motion 35 fpm in the zone of occupancy.

ISO Supply Diffusers perform efficiently with air loadings of 6 to 30 air changes per hour (based on 10 ft. ceiling height), and sound level range of NC 25 to 35.

Removable core for access to optional damper.

GRDC6 12x12