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Side Ceiling Box | 12" X 12" X 5" | Galvanized Steel Metal Box Is Compatible With Duct 5"

+ Product Details
  • Size & Compatibility – The size of the side round ceiling box is 12" X 12" X 5" and it is compatible with duct 5"
  • Premium Quality – Made in the USA. Our Galvanized Duct Box is made of high-quality 26-Gauge galvanized sheet metal with crimped ends (snap-lock design) for easy fitting and secure connection.
  • Applications – The C-box duct with drywall flange, round-connects to vent register diffuser, airflow conditioning ceiling registers.
  • Design – The ceiling box is the best way to regulate airflow is to install a manual volume damper in the duct run, all the way around the square portion which can be used for attachment or folded over.
+ Product Description

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