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Oval Stack Head - 10" X 6" - 7" - Compatible with Duct 7"

6107 HILO

Why HVAC Premium? 

You may think of grilles and registers as a generic component of the ventilation system in your house, but they are also the most visible representation of your air system. With HVAC Premium you get an extra measure of quality that will be visible to your family members and house guests.

Additional Information

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We can proudly say our product is made of high-quality galvanized sheet metal with crimped ends (snap-lock design) for easy fitting and secure connection. The oval stack head with ears and throat are used to right-angle transition from oval pipe to sidewall grille or register. This long throat double oval stack head is designed to meet new high ceiling construction. The oval side is crimped and has a lead edge for easy insertion into the oval pipe.