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8" x 8" 3-WAY SUPPLY GRILLE - DUCT COVER & DIFFUSER - LOW NOISE - For Ceiling - With Opposing Damper Blades

  • Ceiling Grille
  • Easy Unrestricted Air Flow For Youre HVAC System
  • Carefully shrink wrapped with cardboard backing to prevent damage in shipment
  • Screws Included
  • No Sharp Surface Edges
8w" x 8h" opening (vent hole) dimension - actual size is approx 2" wider.
The back blades are from black plastic to reduce air noise and visible appearance.
Also, the back blades are "Opposing" not overlapping, to better control damper and superior air dispersion.
But they are also the most visible representation of you air system.
Metal-Fab grilles and registers give you an extra measure of quality that you can point out to your family members and house guests.
Some of our best features aren't readily apparent, but you'll appreciate the benefits over a long period of time.
Metal-Fab has a high standard of design, production and finish on all products.
Every part is hand inspected for quality before it is packaged, no exceptions.
No Sharp Surface Edges. Just run your finger along the edge of the top plate and you'll find a smooth finished surface.
Heavy Gauge Steel. Heavier gauge than needed, built for durability and long life in mind.

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