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8" BUTTERFLY DAMPER - Control Your Airflow on drop ceiling grilles of 24x24 (8" round duct opening)

  • Control Your Airflow on drop ceiling grilles
  • See our separate listing for T-Bar supply grille
  • Check Out This Asin For Matching T-Bar Drop-Ceiling Grille: B007CNEJZK
These are airflow control components made to connect to supply grilles of the drop ceiling, the T-Bar vent covers.
See our separate listing of T-Bar Supply Grilles.

Metal Fab - A brand you can trust.
Some of our best features aren't readily apparent, but you’ll appreciate the benefits over a long period of time.
This grille has a high standard of design, production and finish on all products.
Every part is hand inspected for quality before it is packaged, no exceptions.
Heavy Gauge Steel. Heavier gauge than needed, built for durability and long life in mind, but still very thin.


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30 Days



Why HVAC Premium? 

You may think of grilles and registers as a generic component of the ventilation system in your house, but they are also the most visible representation of your air system. With HVAC Premium you get an extra measure of quality that will be visible to your family members and house guests.

Additional Information

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Why Round Vents?

The purpose of round vents is highlighted in situations where space is limited. Without hard corners, round vents are able to fit where their rectangular counterparts can not. Furthermore, some may find that the round design is more appropriate for the visual style they are aiming for. And with just as much efficacy as rectangular vents, you can rest easy knowing you're not losing out on quality.

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