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8" RADIAL DAMPER - Control Your Airflow on drop ceiling grilles (8" round duct opening)

+ Product Details
  • Size – 8" round duct opening
  • Heavy Gauge Steel – Heavier gauge than needed, built for durability and long life in mind, but still very thin.
  • Installation – Easy to Install.
  • Design – This airflow control component are made to connect to HVAC diffuser and restrict airflow.
+ Product Description

Introducing the 8" Radial Damper – Your Solution for Controlled Airflow

Experience enhanced indoor comfort with our 8" Radial Damper. Designed to seamlessly integrate with T-Bar vent covers in drop ceiling setups, these airflow control components provide you with effortless control over your indoor environment.

Key Features:

Effortless Integration: Crafted for easy connection to supply grilles of drop ceiling T-Bar vent covers, our Radial Damper simplifies the process of managing airflow.

Tailored for Your Needs: Specifically suited for 24x24 lay-in diffusers, featuring a 8" round duct opening, our damper is designed to perfectly align with your setup.

Simplified Installation: Our Radial Damper ensures easy setup, allowing you to take control of indoor air circulation without complications.

Optimized Comfort: By putting airflow control at your fingertips, our damper helps create a well-balanced indoor environment. Its durability and performance contribute to overall comfort.

Upgrade your air distribution strategy today – invest in the efficiency and convenience of the 8" Radial Damper. Achieve superior control over your indoor airflow for a more comfortable space.

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