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12" X 12" Steel Access Panel Removable Door For Concealed Wall / Ceiling Application With Slotted Lock - [Outer Dimensions: 13" Width X 13" Height]

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  • Steel frame
  • Push and lock mechanism
  • Door can be removed with a slight squeeze
  • Small bendable ears for flexible installation

To complete your HVAC line set system, we recommend purchasing one of our HVAC access doors. This is an essential component that improves the functionality of your HVAC system and will make your building’s ventilation, heating, and air conditioning more efficient.

In the past, if an HVAC system malfunctioned or broke down, you would have to take apart a portion of the system. Having an HVAC Access Door will give easy access to the mechanical features of the system, making repairs and maintenance a breeze.

Our HVAC Access Door can be used in both commercial and residential settings. Installation requires cutting into the frame of your wall and the metal duct where your HVAC system is located.