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16" x 22" Pleated MERV 8 Filter for HVAC Return Filter Grille [Actual Dimensions: 15.75 X 21.75] 3-Pack

+ Product Details
  • Size – 16"w X 22"h pleated MERV 8 filter for HVAC return filter grille - 3 Pack. Actual dimensions: 15.75" X 21.75"
  • High Quality – A uniquie combination of cotton & synthetic fibers gives you the most filtration and the least air resistance - equals great air & easy airflow for your system
  • Design – The "W" shaped pleats give you more filter surface thereby capturing more dust. Our metal and paper diagonal support bars ensure the filter can hold an extra heavy load of dirt. We use special materials To prevent corrosion.
  • Extra Strong Frame – Our frames are the strongest on the market, no competitor comes close to us - we use an extra thick board that prevents humidity, and the full outer portion is double layered.
+ Product Description

Elevate Your Indoor Air Quality with HVAC Premium's MVA Filters

Discover the ultimate solution for cleaner and conditioned air in your home with HVAC Premium's MVA Filters. Our filters stand as the safest choice to promote healthier living environments.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Filtration: Our filters are 25% thicker than competitors', effectively trapping more harmful particles and allergens.
  • Optimal Airflow: Experience 25% greater airflow, reducing strain on your system and cutting down monthly energy expenses.
  • Built to Last: Reinforced and ribbed design ensures durability and prevents bending under pressure.
  • Effortless Ordering: With our QR Ordering system, getting new filters is a breeze. You can also subscribe for automatic deliveries to simplify filter replacement.

MERV 8 - Your Ideal Choice: Experience the perfect balance of filtration with MERV 8 rating, recommended by industry professionals. Say goodbye to low-quality fiberglass filters below MERV 4, and embrace healthier breathing and living today.

Upgrade to HVAC Premium's MVA Filters for cleaner air, optimal efficiency, and a healthier lifestyle for you and your loved ones.

+ How To Measure For A New Filter

Overall Size

Measure the size of the filter opening. Do not measure the old vent cover. If your filter opening is 14" wide by 20" long, order a 14x20

Height vs. Width

The first number in a grille size represents the width, the second number represents the length.

+ What Is A MERV Rating

Overall Size:
Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) is a standard that rates the overall effectiveness of air filters. Higher value MERV rating equates to finer filtration, meaning fewer dust particles and other air impurities can pass through the filter.

+ Why Hvac Premium

Our MERV 8 pleated filter is 30 times more efficient at capturing small particles than ordinary fiberglass filters. Our MERV 8 pleated filter attracts and captures air particles from 3 to 10 microns such as pollen, fine dust, and pet dander. Designed to last up to three months depending.

FLTR M8 1622x3